ADRC – Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center

The 2005 Memory Walk went beyond successful – we’ve raised over $150,000 to date and still counting. The Board told me this is the biggest and best Walk this Chapter has ever had – makes me so proud. While the outcome of the Walk is always important, what is really important is that we have created an enormous awareness about Alzheimer’s disease & the Chapter and even more importantly, we are expanding training and services and reaching out to more and more families.

We just brought in a Licensed Masters Social Worker to do family consultations, we will be opening an office in Nassau County within the next month and we have plans in place to begin raising funds for another office in South Hampton. We are on our way to realizing the plans I established when I first came here to open six POS offices. Long Island families who are impacted by AD are now getting the services they really need – and it’s thanks to everyone – including yourselves – who have given me the ability to accomplish these goals.
So, hats off to ITI and all of our supporters!

Mary Ann Malack – Ragona, Executive Director/CEO
ADRC – Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center, Inc.