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Services from International Technical Industires, Inc. include web-based enterprise-class corporate management solutions, website design, web development, web hosting, plus more!

Truly functional websites require programming. All sites, including even the simplest ones, need solid HTML to make sure the text and graphics present well for all the myriad combinations of computer platforms and web browsers and their different versions. Websites that need to gather user information, ecommerce or display dynamic information all need programming.

At International Technical Industries, Inc. (ITI) we have a solid understanding of what makes websites tick.

Front-End (Client Side) Programming
We excel in validated, cross-platform, cross-browser, HTML, CSS, DHTML, Javascript and Flash technologies. Through our own research and our industry peers and contacts we are able to maintain a high level of currentness with today's ever-changing standards. We are highly skilled in Javascript/DHTML programming and have developed a number of sites with pop-up menus, form validation and javascript shopping carts that work on all the major computer platforms and browsers.

Back-End (Server Side) Programming
Sites that need to collect information from users (such as a survey) or dynamically present information to users (such as search results) generally need to have programming done on the web server side of things. Databases will be needed to store collected data or store dynamic information - data that changes regularly. The two major web server platforms today are Linux and Apache Server and Microsoft Windows using IIS Server. On the Linux end of things, ITI is proficient in creating dynamic sites using PHP and the mySQL database engines. For Microsoft servers we excel in ASP programming and MS SQL Server for the database back-end.

Website Production is taking the design and content for a site and making it into a working website. This involves cutting up the graphics, coding the HTML and building out the various pages with content. ITI's highly skilled production team has been counted on by some of the largest web development companies to quickly help in meeting their deadlines. If you are a web designer or larger web development company that needs help building out client sites, please contact us for a prompt quote and delivery schedule.


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