Letter from our President

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Letter from our President

When ITI began in 1994, over 27 years ago, the use of computers in most industries was in its infancy. Today, the choices and offerings for all types of hardware and software products are nearly overwhelming. There is one thing, however, that has not changed in all that time – the need for practical and professional solutions for real world business problems.

At ITI, we have never lost sight of the fact that technology, by itself, does not solve problems. Problems get solved when people listen to other people’s needs and then provide products and services that address those needs.

We do take pride in the advanced technology that we can apply to our customers’ business requirements. We posses a vast array of programming languages and unending skills, remote on-line support, internet products, incredible customer service and state of the art software to supply our customers with all of the tools necessary to efficiently operate their business. We even provide completely dynamic back office services integrated with this technology to assist companies that want to stay focused on their core competencies. But where we distinguish ourselves is in our ability to listen. We know that in order to provide a real solution, we must understand the problems our customers have before we can help solve them.

Since our company’s inception, our founding principle has always been to care about the bottom line objectives of our clients and to treat their investment as if it were our own. We have found that it takes a lot more than great creative, development or usability to have a successful online venture. It takes impeccable strategy, insight and, above all, proper execution. Like any other investment, your venture requires careful analysis and adjustment to begin realizing successful patterns of conversion.

In other words, websites are not built and left alone to succeed.

ITI listens to all of our customer’s concerns and significantly monitors all traffic patterns. The wealth of knowledge accumulated over the past fifteen years makes us an organization of interactive solutions. However, what makes our principles and philosophies more than just a decorative mission statement on the wall is the training and freedom of ideas – practiced every day by every person in our company. Every designer, usability expert, developer and account executive has to understand the business objectives. Universal understanding of your objectives allows every aspect of your online venture to support your competitive advantage and your strategy from the bottom up.

We are genuinely intrigued and fascinated with finding solutions to achieve our client’s goals and that does not happen unless this fascination is truly part of our culture.

We cannot keep our excitement contained when we find solutions that work. This is why we look forward to building interactive experiences that transcend ordinary websites. We look forward to creating your Memorable and Effective Solutions.

Thank you for the privilege of being considered as your web solutions partner.

I invite you to call us and talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members. See what it is like to have someone listen to you before they try to sell you something. It’s people – not technology – that get things done. At ITI we never forget that and we are ready to help you now.

Hear some of the wonderful words of encouragement we have received from some of our clients at our Testimonials page or call us today at 1-561-582-6621. We’re ready to listen. You’ll like your site …. we guarantee it and it would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you.

Kindest Regards,
Lee Lemell
President & CEO
International Technical Industries, Inc.

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